Thursday Night Virtual Yoga

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This event finished on 02 July 2020

I am loving sharing yoga online!

 It’s such a privilege to be offering a space where we can all feel better in ourselves right now.  

When we pay ourselves deep attention with yoga, we can truly rest, relax and recalibrate, making space for the deepest, most loving part of ourselves – the source of our own being – to come forward to guide us through these unprecedented times.

Anyone can join because you pay what feels right for you!

I’m offering nine 1.5 hour classes a week via Zoom: 

Come to as many classes as you like, whenever you like, plus I send out a recording of each class immediately afterwards for you to download if you can’t make the live sessions.  You receive an email invitation to each class which contains joining instructions – it’s super-simple and very accessible. 

One weekly or monthly payment and the amount is entirely up to you.  

I know payment by donation can feel a little tricky for some people as it can lack clarity on what is the ‘right’ amount.  It’s helpful to consider how ‘valuable’ the yoga is to you, how often and by how many people classes will be accessed in your household and, of course, your current financial situation.  When you come up with a figure, feel into your body and if it feels right for you, it is right.

Email me; to enrol or for more information.

Sending you all much love and hoping you will join me!