” I ALWAYS feel wonderful after class, especially when I make the time to stay on for the full session”

“Just finished doing this recording after a busy day at work and I found it utterly fabulous!  Thank you so much for sharing such a deeply comforting practice. The warming work followed by the restorative poses made it so calming and nourishing.  This is a class I will return to many times.”

“Just to say awesome – felt fab ( as always) after that lovely class. Energising and balancing and so needed at the moment to stay positive.”

 “I am doing a lot of emotional processing work in my journey with chronic pain and a lot of awareness practice. But I seem to get my best emotional release after your strong Thursday class as I sit in meditation at the end. So this was a wonderful release of trauma for me. Very powerful thank you.”

“Thanks for all the sustenance that your yoga classes continue to give me…I love the variety and the accessibility your classes provide… 
I feel a deep sense of relief at being able to engage with how I feel rather than how I look and whether or not “ I can master” each pose . At 71 and a long history of “ always trying harder “  always “ trying to keep up “, your teaching is finally inviting me to ditch some of that stuff deep within me!”

“I have been meaning to message you to say how extraordinary last week’s classes were.  Your guiding words/introductions woven into the practice… had a tremendous resonance and impact with me and I felt a real shift in my thinking – particularly after the Reflection & Gratitude and the Peace & Detachment classes.  Thank you so much for the mindful way you present all your yoga and for giving us so much more than we could find in other yoga practice.  At the end of a turbulent year like 2020, I have been able to feel gratitude for the wonderful expansion in my yoga practice (I now do 4 classes a week instead of 1!), which you made possible by brilliantly adapting what you provide and doing it with such generosity and love.”

“That was lovely! Just the right balance of energizing and grounding… A nice bit of self care snuck into my Monday evening. Thank you!”

“Your class was brilliant…absolutely fascinating the subtlety of trying less and achieving just as much… big life lesson as well as a yoga one :) You are so spot on with how everyone is feeing.”

“My hips feel great, thank you for this morning xx.
Loved the figure of 8 one where we used our glute to roll the hip forward, gentle but very releasing.”

“I’m feeling so much better. Thanks for a great yoga session.  It’s almost like the core & balance work set all my muscles back in line with each other – just like you said!!
I don’t know how you manage to pull just the right things out of the bag even when you’re not in the same room with us.”

“Thank you Naomi for your super-sensitive & brilliant tuition.  You have the ability to hit the mood of the moment and translate that into a yoga practice.  It restores, balances, has humanity, humour and fun at it’s core.  And you are giving each one of us this lovely warm sense of connection. 
Total Applause.”

“I did last Thursday’s full spectrum class. By the end I felt like I’ d been to the fountain of youth, all supple and wonderfully peaceful and content.  Amazing that!  Your teaching really heightens awareness so beautifully and resonates with me, …..and my body.  Thank you!”

“Hi Naomi, just a note to say that Friday’s Hygge flow which I did yesterday with the recording was absolutely brilliant. I came home on Friday after work feeling broken but bit by bit the flow session put me back together again. Thank you!”

“Your classes have been fantastic for my body. I love having the videos and being able to choose what part I want to focus on that day. It’s relaxing being able to do it in my own home and on my own time. “

“Your style is also great for me: dynamic, fun and gentle. Especially the gentleness and not pushing the body have been so refreshing. It’s exactly what my body has needed. You giving the right example and sometimes saying when something is too much for you, is calming and helping me respect the boundaries of my own body. Also I’m loving the combination of strength and stretching. This Wednesday’s class on hips especially has been one of my favourites!”

“Thank you sooo much for today’s lesson:) it held a lifetime of wisdom… I found it incredibly powerful and would love more tuition in detachment if ever possible.”

“WOOW!! After the class I felt SOOO calm and peaceful …  thank you for that!!! <3” 

“Thank you again for creating and holding such a brilliant space and giving me the opportunity to have my experience.”

“I just wanted to send my thanks and love for your classes. I’ve been practising with you ‘virtually’ nearly every day recently, and consequently feel great in mind, body and soul. I know my attendance is, and always has been, pretty random but I am so glad to have found you; I am extremely grateful for your incredible yoga teaching and your consistent, positively inspiring methods of helping us all to feel happy, healthy and whole.”

“Thanks so much Naomi! I can’t stress enough how great your teaching is – being in class has reminded me how much I need yoga. Also, how you can always keep learning  ~ so powerful.” 

“Wonderful – thanks so much for all your tremendous energy and how you have adapted everything and tried to make it so accesible ! I can honestly say it has changed life for me and reminded me about the power of yoga and being in the moment. Fab hips class this morning ! X x” 

“It’s been probably the most positive life changing thing I have started this lockdown. Thankyou so much for that. No judgement, no comparing my self to the teacher and the people in class.
No self loathing, only healing. It does seem to have regulated a lot in me and I have lost one stone of the 2.5 stone I want to shed without drama.”

“Thank you for such wonderful classes, they really make all the difference to me on a holistic level.  You are such a great teacher and I always go away feeling replenished and centred.”

“All your Necks & Shoulders practises are fab and much appreciated, as are all the hip opening that we do… releasing all those blocked pockets feels amazing.
Thank you so much for guiding us all to access our physical and psychological bodies in such amazing ways.”

“Did one of Naomi’s online classes from last week first thing this morning. Have been feeling super energised and motivated all day. Not a bad monday feeling 😍”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done during this period to put on these fantastic sessions – it really has kept me sane during these exceptionally strange times!” 

“Thank you for keeping me (and my family) feeling alert, competent and so much more interested and engaged.  We all have a new ‘Naomi -yoga’ language, which is fun and are all living a little differently.”

“Just to say again, how much I am enjoying your yoga classes:  it is so lovely to follow you at any time, but particularly so when the weather is summery, your windows are open and you can hear gorgeous bird song.  Yoga and bird song – what could be better!  I also love it when your beautiful dog decides to join the class! Thanks for everything.”

“It really was another great class – I download them all and then spend ages trying to decide which ones to treat myself to at the weekend!”

“Naomi is a highly experienced teacher whose warmth and knowledge shine through in her classes. Her explanations are clear and instil confidence for all levels of learners. I practice with her daily and have found her natural and cheerful style to be life-changing. The seamless transition from community practice to live streaming means that everyone worldwide can benefit from her practice.”

“Thanks Naomi it’s so great to be in class – you are such a great teacher with your lovely natural way .. it feels like you are in the room . I’m really enjoying it and it’s keeping me grounded.”

“As I have a tendency to always “ try harder “ , it is lovely to always feel accepted at whatever level.”

“Thank you so very much for all the yoga you’ve been doing for us all over many weeks. I think you’re amazing and generous to keep it going. Although I’ve not been to many live sessions, when I do I really love what you do and think why on earth don’t I organise myself better! I so much enjoyed this week’s Monday pm class.”

“I am so grateful to have your classes as an anchor in such unsettling times.”

“Another great session, thanks so much for doing them. It is a real life line just now.”

“Thank you for your yoga tuition. I am sleeping like the proverbial…”

“Thanks so much for the class this morning, I really appreciate everything that you are doing at the moment, giving us all a window of calm to look forward to, and it really feels lovely knowing that we are all practicing together as a community.”

“Just want to say how very grateful I am that you are doing this for us all.  Once again you have blown me away… It’s incredible that you manage to gift us such a great therapeutic yoga experience when we are not even in the same room as you….. the class this evening was hugely beneficial for me.  The sound of your voice was tremendously calming, the physical movement was just what I needed and I feel completely different now.”

‘Just brilliant this week, thank you so much. I really feel like it has made a big difference and my (very) stiff joints particularly in my knees ankles and feet have benefited.”

“It was a totally awesome class, you are such a great teacher – you have a real GIFT Naomi, its such a rare thing actually to be able to verbally articulate so easily and naturally what is going on.  You make the most complex multi layered body/mind stuff so accessible and clear – it just makes perfect sense the way you talk about yoga.  I cannot express in words enough my gratitude radiating out in your direction.”

It was brilliant tonight, I feel like a new person & so good to get a break in pretty intense times.”

‘Thankyou for last nights session it was just what I needed… Work has been tough.”

“Really enjoyed this morning Naomi, its so lovely to have the yoga still and to have it there every weekday! It’s giving structure as well as health benefits. Thank you””

“Thank you – lovely to practice with you even when I can’t join you live – perfect” 

“You’re amazing. Thank you for providing such incredible online yoga classes to so many people. They are fabulous.”

“I found the practice this week (after weekend rest) amazing. I feel a balancing in the energy and an ability to just get on with things.”

“I love your yoga sessions.  I’ve felt so physically alert and mentally capable, just after a week.”

“I  totally value the high standard of your classes entangled with Love and Kindness for everyone.”

“Thank you for all your classes, they are really helping me and punctuate my day and give me some structure, which is amazing.  I love how you treat our bodies so gently and encourage all the poses from so many angles so we can keep our selves safe, it’s amazing teaching.  I also love all your energetic and spiritual chat… It is so helpful and really helps me to ground my practice in such an incredible way and also to open my understanding of all we are doing including the ‘bigger picture’.  Thank you for sharing such deep and beautiful knowledge.”

“Just wanted to say how much I have appreciated the recent strength and stretch combinations particularly the full spectrum class from last week. The placing of the hands and the set up to prepare for wheel was brilliant. In fact all the prep work in particular for bow pose was great. I am pleased to say I managed that better than Vashistasana!”

“Loved the class this morning Naomi.  Feeling the benefit from it all day.”

“I always feel so much better in body and mind after your classes.”

“I find the recordings invaluable and have been using them at various times – when work gets too much and I am going slightly doolally from being on my own all the time.”

“Lovely session this evening. Really enjoyed it. It was fascinating Doing bridge from 3 different perspectives.”

“I loved it and I am now extremely calm, will maybe sit looking out the window for the rest of the day… “

“This morning’s class was amazing, as ever, thank you.”

Yesterday morning’s class was really good, in particular the postures we did to realign and help our knees. They really worked!”

“A huge thank you for all the sessions. It’s a real life saver for body, mind and spirit in these strange times. Hips are better than they’ve ever been and grateful you’ve enabled some release in hands today!”

“You’re the only one keeping me sane and stopping my body being totally ravaged by gardening and mad DIY jobs.”

“That was a beautiful session this morning.  It made me think a great deal about my relationship with my body – the ‘beloved pet’ is a lovely concept!  Thank you.”

“Thank you for a wonderful class Naomi. It is as if you have done on line teaching for years and as always, so organised and professional! You are amazing!”

” I am loving the classes, the live more but the replays are great.  The meditations are so so powerful…”

“Naomi is an absolutely brilliant teacher, it’s such a treat.”

“I love the rhythm of your classes and your inclusive style of teaching.” 

“Thanks again for your wonderful sessions and for your kind attention.” 

“Fantastic class this morning, thank you so much.  I had no idea how weak the outside of my thighs are!  Please could we do more of this to strengthen the pelvis.  Also the shoulder strengthening was brilliant – more of that too please.  Thank you for such wonderful classes, I’m so enjoying them.”

“It’s helping my headspace so much.”

“Thank you so much for the class- you’ve got it down- the way you engage the group, your excellent cues, the setup and filming… all great. The asana was just right for feeling a sense of complete safety and release. You’re amazing… And you can quote me on that!”

“I love the way you bring the spirituality and yoga philosophy to sessions. Its so valuable and really appreciating that.” 

Its been enlightening, challenging, rewarding and  lovely.” 

“Thanks for your lovely sessions this last month.  I just wanted to let you know that i have loved you whole yoga vibe, this month.  In particular the positive attitude and energy you bring the the online classes.  You re really good at making people feel welcome and included, even though sometimes your classes are quite big.  You handle this really well.”

“Core is probably my worst, weakest and most reluctant area. Indeed, mostly mine refuses to acknowledge its own existence but it did find that this morning I managed to coax it into a little action. Thank you so much. I love these lessons!”  

“It’s pure luxury … having you in my sitting room so easily! Thank you so much for these wonderful classes.”

“Loved the opening of the chest and the visualisation of the opening flower . It was great for me as I suffer from asthma “. 

“The way your teaching encourages us to follow the energy is brilliant.” 

“So this is the person keeping me sane during this challenging time. With online classes & lockdown, I’ve been able to attend two classes a week and I’m really feeling the benefit. I think my team & clients are too!”

“Hi, just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying practicing with you. I’m totally with you on the philosophy of how working simply is more powerful and its wonderful to be led in it so brilliantly by you”

“In my own practice its too easy to not really hold space for myself and I often find I want to practice with chanting or music, which I know is an avoidance tactic so this has been a beautiful and somewhat confronting experience of coming back to myself a bit more. I really appreciate all the effort you’re going to in order to provide this service, and it really does feel like ‘service’ over simply teaching. Thank you!”

Its making a huge difference to me and really helping me-and I’m sure everyone else who’s engaging, to process everything thats going on.” . 

“A revelation when using the breathe to “ stroke “ the areas of tension . Amazing feeling.”

“Thank you, that was magic!”

“I just want to say thank you for such quality classes”

“I had been so tired for days that I wasn’t sure if I’d make the class but all the 2nd Chakra work and the static postures boosted my energy hugely and I felt better afterwards than I had for weeks. Wonderful!”

“I just wanted to tell you  how much I enjoyed – and appreciated – Monday evening’s class: I joined it as a recording tonight and enjoyed everything about it – and the section on the lymphatic system was great.”   

“So good to focus on yoga “ without judgement or agenda.” “

“Just to say that we are thoroughly enjoying your classes, so helpful and excellent content. So glad that you are doing this.”

“Thank you for another lovely class last night – it was great to feel that chest opening and expansion through the poses and my upper back feels really free today.”

“I was reflecting last night on the positive benefits of these last few weeks – of which there were many – but top of the list is finding your yoga teaching.” 

“I have been feeling much better since doing the yoga. It is especially helping with the stress! The meditation and breath work is just what I need right now and so I am very grateful to have found your classes!”

“Honestly, amazing practice Naomi – Vandal my dog placed herself at the bottom of my mat for half the practice – obviously enjoyed it too.”

“Just to let you know that I am not a big fan of shoulder classes, but yesterday was great;  having had a number of restless nights  with discomfort, last night I was really comfortable, so the class was really helpful to me. Thank you so much, I am really enjoying the classes I am able to do with you.”

I’ve just finished Tuesday’s class recording, I just wanted to say how much I am getting from the classes, this one was a real treat.  Taking this time each day with all the kids home and all the challenges of life at the moment is a lovely sanctuary and feels like a real support to my mental health!! I needed this class today, it made me realise how tense I am.  I will carry the calm and soft feeling with me through the rest of my evening.
Thank you so much.